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A multi fuctional location located on a mountain topfrom the grenery outdoors with rustic ghostoric white rocky building backdrop, with white stone building, a big space with trees, located on a mountain top, this location has multiple features and areas, from a charming small bedroom. to an empty room idealy used as an insolation room.

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A beautiful compound on top of a hill over looking the dead sea

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An underground historical cave, transformed into a meuseum, stone walls, stone ceiling, white stone ciellings

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A large metal and glass hangar in the center of Amman

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Constructed by the Ottomans between 1900 and 1908. this railway station replaced the ancient caravan route, which was formerly used to transport goods to and from Damascus and Arabia, a round trip that would have taken approximately four months to complete. The caravan traders were far from happy with this new form of transport as it posed a serious threat to their livelihoods, and many attempts were made by them to disrupt its construction.

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