A multi fuctional location located on a mountain topfrom the grenery outdoors with rustic ghostoric white rocky building backdrop, with white stone building, a big space with trees, located on a mountain top, this location has multiple features and areas, from a charming small bedroom. to an empty room idealy used as an insolation room.

  1. stone walls
  2. metal gate
  3. trees
  4. mosque
  5. Outdoor area
  6. mini mosque
  7. narrow walkway with trees along the side
  8. security office
  9. mosuque
  10. classic car collection
  11. horse stables
  12. small mosque
  1. Parking
  2. Toilets
  3. electricity
  4. sitting areas
  5. Large Parking
  6. Pool
  7. garden
  8. bathroom
  9. 2 bedrooms
  10. view

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